Mothers Self-Care Circle


Mothers, I see you out there – online, in my classes, as my clients and friends. I see you strategizing to make all the moving parts come together, so the thing that makes you happy can happen. I see you feeling the guilt of taking time away or diverting resources from your family to do it. I see you doubting your own needs and desires. I see you questioning whether taking care of yourself in rich and meaningful ways is selfish or necessary.

I wanted a place where mothers could gather together and find support from each other  in their journey of self-care. So I’ve created this. I hope you will add your voice to the conversation, too.

A circle of mothers. Why a circle? Because it’s the shape that encompasses and contains. It can expand and shrink and still maintain it’s integrity.  It acknowledges that we all belong to many different circles in our lives, that overlap and intersect without losing their integrity. And it’s the shape of a hug.

The group is founded on three core beliefs:

  1. Self-care IS NECESSARY. You can’t serve from an empty cup. We’re no good to ourselves let alone our families if we’re running on fumes.
  2. Self-care IS POSSIBLE. I’ll share realistic and do-able ways to make self-care part of your daily life. And you don’t have to go anywhere or buy a thing.
  3. YOU ARE WORTHY of self-care. Before the radical act of carving out our own time and space in family life must come the even more radical act of believing we are worthy of it.

Sounds good, right?!

But you have your doubts… Yeah, me too. I have to remind myself of these points DAILY. We’ll keep reminding each other, until we believe it unshakeably in our bones.

Who is this group for? Anyone who identifies as a mother, anywhere on the journey of motherhood, including moms-to-be, empty-nesters, step-moms, adoptive mothers and grandmothers. We all need your voice – regardless of your age (or your children’s), body, race, gender identity, sexuality, relationship status or other identities.

This is not about what you do (or don’t do) as much as it is about how you think and feel about what you do. It’s actually not about doing at all – but just simply being. About the journey to believing – really believing – in our own intrinsic value and worth. Acknowledging our own needs and desires, and recognizing that they are not in opposition with those of our family. Letting go of guilt and shame. Unpacking the unhelpful beliefs that keep us down.

Please come and nourish your heart. Share the wisdom I know you have. Ask for hugs whenever you want. Stay tuned for  in-person gatherings in a very special space in the near future. Details will be posted in the Facebook group.



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