Hi there, I’m Rhondda Smiley. I offer doula services in Toronto. I’m a breastfeeding specialist and certified yoga teacher. I’m also a mom.


When I learned I was pregnant, I felt overwhelmed.

  • There were unexplained changes in my body. “This leaking, is this normal?”
  • There was so much information to learn and endless decisions to be made. “How am I going to remember any of this when I’m in labour?”
  • Strangers were giving me advice. “You’re saying I have to apply for daycare now?”
  • I had lots of feelings. “I don’t know why I’m crying during this commercial, there must be something in my eye.”
  • I was anxious about the birth itself. “What will it really be like? Can I even do this?”

Through it all, I only knew I wanted to have a healthy baby and a satisfying birth.  Doesn’t every mother? But how to get there? If you’re pregnant for the first time, you probably have some of the same questions. If you’re already a mom, maybe you’re looking to have a different kind of birth this time around.


I’m here to help, with my training, calm expertise and grounding presence. I offer a range of services for your pregnancy, birth and postpartum period, all tailored to you and your needs. I add unique value to complement your care team in three areas:


I am here to hold space for you during one of the most profound events of your life. It is my absolute honour to do so. I know that helping each mother to her safe and satisfying birth can truly change the world. Contact me  to talk about how I can support your vision for your birth.

Take care,