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Obstetrician to client in active labour: “What is your plan for pain management?”

Birth Doula Client Alex Henderson: “My doula.”


“…I wanted to take a couple of moments to let you know how truly happy and grateful I am to have had your amazing, unwavering support throughout our birth experience. I honestly don’t know how I would have gotten through those intense last hours without my “dance partner,” and I want to thank you for your significant role in helping me achieve the most natural labour I could have hoped for!! I want to let you know as well that the midwives specifically commented on how awesome you were, and how they were thankful to have had you there to support me while they did the start up steps in the labour room.”

Ariana Moscote-Freire – Birth Doula Client


“I can’t say thanks enough to you Rhondda. You were a part of one of my life’s special moments. I still can remember your visits to our place. We did those different positions together. You used to listen to me so patiently because I know it’s hard to deal with someone who’s English is not good and who doesn’t know your language very well. I remember you gave me a drink from your very own bottle when I had my contractions. You didn’t want to waste time to look for water in the hospital because I was thirsty. I want to say you are a very good human being Rhondda.”

Ruaida Afroza –  Birth Doula Client


“Rhondda is a compassionate, patient and skilled doula. I had the honour of working with Rhondda during a challenging but beautiful birth. Her calm demeanour and strength helped my client work through a long labour medication-free. More importantly, with Rhondda’s help, my client was able to find her own strength and birth her baby with confidence. Rhondda is a very capable doula and I would love to work with her again and would highly recommend her to any client.”

Zuzana Betkova, Registered Midwife – Midwives Collective of Toronto


 “…thank you very much for the squatting exercises we did during yoga classes, very useful these days!”

Vanessa Arowas, at 3 weeks postpartum – Prenatal Yoga Client


“I can’t thank you enough for taking your time to talk with me on Monday. I’ve told my family all about our conversation and how nice it finally was to talk to someone about this- who actually has gone through it! Talking to you has been the most helpful advice I’ve received. I appreciate that you didn’t try to persuade me into going one way or another. Walking me through both methods has helped me feel more confident and relaxed about what is to come… I will keep you in mind as I go down this journey and for sure use your services again if need be!”

Sarah Hart – Breastfeeding Support Client