Breastfeeding Support

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Breastfeeding my daughter. The single most difficult and the single most rewarding thing I’ve ever done in my life.

No doubt about it – breastfeeding can be challenging.

Yes, its normal and its natural. While our biology and instincts support it, its also a learned skill – for you and your baby. Trying to go it alone once baby has arrived and expecting it to work out? Well, that would be like dropping your pre-schooler off in the schoolyard with a bicycle and expecting them to learn how to ride it on their own. Not impossible. But if they do manage to figure it out – instead of just throwing in the towel – there’s going to be a lot of frustration, tears and scraped knees in the meantime. Just like that, nursing mothers need help!

While the benefits of breastfeeding are incontrovertible, few of us have any real experience with breastfeeding until we’re trying to do it ourselves. Its pretty likely that our mothers didn’t nurse us, and we’ve all heard horror stories from girlfriends or female relatives. Not enough milk. Sore nipples. The baby wouldn’t latch.

How to Get it Right – Right from Birth

Learn what you need to know before that hungry baby arrives in your arms. Have a cheerleader in your corner who comes equipped with evidence-based knowledge and hard-won experience. Someone who supports your goals without an agenda,  while acknowledging the challenges. Someone who can help you craft a workable plan to get over the hurdles, and enjoy a blissful nursing relationship with your baby.

How I Can Help

I’ve been in those trenches, and experienced both the bliss and the challenges of breastfeeding. I faced problems nursing my daughter from the get-go , but persevered and found effective solutions, so that my daughter and I could continue an enjoyable nursing relationship together. Over a decade ago, those experiences compelled me to help other women who also want to breastfeed.

I’m a former Leader with La Leche League Canada, the international organization giving mother-to-mother breastfeeding support in 68 countries. I furthered my breastfeeding training while completing my Birth Doula certification with DONA International. I am a recognized expert and published author on, the renowned online breastfeeding resource.

The most important thing my journey taught me is that there is more than one way to breastfeed a baby. I can show you options you may not know you had. I support your goals for breastfeeding – without judgment I honour and respect your choices for yourself and your baby.

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My  Services


Research shows that having a doula at your birth increases your likelihood to breastfeed, and to continue breastfeeding. As part of my doula services, I help you to initiate your first feeding immediately following the birth. I’ll show you what you need to know to get things off to a good start, so that you can nurse your baby with increasing confidence and ease.

IN-HOME CONSULTATION – $100.00 + hst

1.5 hour private in-person support in the comfort of your own home. Whether it’s the first week, first month, or first year, helping you with options and solutions you may not have known you had, so that you and your baby can enjoy your breastfeeding relationship, at every stage. Prepaid services make a great baby show gift!


Not in Toronto, or can’t wait for an in-home visit? Due to the wonders of technology, I can also offer support by Skype, phone, text and email.

BREASTFEEDING PREP – $125.00 + hst

A 2 hour private session in your home that will equip you with the essentials to get you off to a good start as soon as baby is born, and take you through the critical early weeks of breastfeeding.  We’ll cover that all- important latch, and just how to know whether your baby is getting enough of your milk.


I specialize in helping you create a back-to-work strategy that honours your relationship with your baby, while fulfilling your other responsibilities. You probably have many more options than you realize! Whatever your profession and whether you’re returning to work when your baby is 6 weeks, 6 months or a year, I’ll help you make it work, and guide you through implementing it.

I uphold the World Health Organization’s International Code of Marketing of Breastmilk Substitutes. What’s that all about? Find out more about “The Code”.

Contact me today to discuss how you can enjoy the breastfeeding relationship with your baby that you desire, with my support, experience and training.