4 Times You’ll Wish You Had a Postpartum Doula


Hiring a postpartum doula is not something that you’re ever going to regret. Seriously. Her support can only make life easier for you and your family in the early weeks and months after your baby has arrived. But here are four situations when you will be particularly glad to have her experienced and caring help.

1). You’re so tired you’ve joined the walking dead. I’ve had parents tell me that they’ve been so sleep-deprived that they have moments of worry about whether its safe for them to be caring for their infant. Ask your doula if she offers overnight care (why yes, I do!). An overnight shift may run from 10:00pm to 6:00am, during which time your doula will support you in nighttime parenting. She can put your baby to sleep, help with feedings, change diapers, and provide encouragement in those lonely hours of the middle of the night. Even if you are breastfeeding on demand through the night, having your doula bring your baby to you and settle them back to sleep can get you an extra 30 minutes of sleep at each feeding. Whether you use a nighttime doula for a few nights a week or just occasionally to help you get caught up, this can be a gamechanger.

2). You’re in recovery mode. Whether it’s a temporary illness like flu or mastitis that leaves you feeling like you’ve been hit by a Mack truck, or you’re still recovering from a challenging birth, a doula “mothers the mother”. She’ll make it possible for you to balance your own need for healing with your baby’s needs, while taking care of those jobs that you wish could just take care of themselves. You can rest deeply, knowing that your baby is in excellent hands.

3). You’re flying solo. So your partner is out of town, sick or pulling ridiculously long hours. Wondering how you are going to manage the post-preschool meltdown from your toddler during your baby’s “witching hour” without them around? A postpartum doula can tag-team you during those challenging windows in your day, help with light household duties like meal prep or laundry, and above all keep you from going off the deep end when you’re doing it all on your own.

4). You’ve been invited to the Big Event. If you’re going to a wedding or big holiday party, bringing your doula along is a win-win-win situation. You can be close when your baby needs you, but having someone else dedicated to your baby’s care means you can enjoy the festivities without stress. I’ve even helped a client to choose an outfit that was easy to nurse in while making her feel her most confident in her postpartum body!

You deserve to enjoy this precious time with your new baby, without worry or anxiety. Contact me today to book postpartum doula care that can bring more joy and less stress to your family life.



4 thoughts on “4 Times You’ll Wish You Had a Postpartum Doula

  1. Postpartum doulas are such an undervalued service. There are so many times that parents don’t think to hire them until they are knee deep in chaos. These are great things to consider before the postpartum period. Its never too early to be thinking about making the 4th trimester as smooth as possible

  2. I wish I had known about postpartum doulas with my babies. It would have made such a big difference. Also, what a GREAT idea to have a doula attend a big event. This would have been invaluable with my sister’s wedding only a week after my due date!

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